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Behind the Brand

Our clothes are more than fabric; they're a reflection of strength and resilience. Crafted for enduring wear, our commitment to quality is unwavering. In the face of underrepresentation and stigma, the Hmong community perseveres without borders, excelling in every circumstance. Let our simple yet powerful designs convey this resilience. Clothing isn't just what you wear—it's the canvas painting your unique image to the world. A simple shirt can speak volumes, representing your energy, stance, and identity.

Hmong Threads - About Us

Where We Come From & Where We’re Going

In 2018, Hmong Threads emerged from the unique partnership of Johnny Her and Ong Xiong—each with a Hmong heritage marked by disparate experiences, one rooted in San Diego, CA, and the other in Ban Vinai Refugee Camp in Thailand and Laos. Our shared Hmong background intertwines with the poignant narrative of our people arriving in the U.S. with only the clothes on their backs. These were the Hmong threads, weathered and worn thin during a grueling journey that unfolded from one home to another, offering a tapestry of diverse encounters—loss and opportunity, rejection and welcome, tradition and the starkness of new beginnings.

Clothing, a profound representation of a person, mirrors desires, loves, feelings, and the journeys undertaken. Recognizing the profound impact of attire on psychology, we endeavor to honor the narratives embedded in the threads worn by our journeyed Hmong family. Hmong Threads is a testament to modern design interwoven with the touch of tradition, culture, and history. Our garments, adaptable to various occasions, are resilient, embodying the essence of the journey without succumbing to wear and tear.

In a league of its own, Hmong Threads stands as a beacon, uniquely representing the Hmong people and its vibrant community. Our mission is clear—to create a Hmong brand of apparel that sparks a profound sense of pride. As you engage with our modern designs, enriched by our heritage, we invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery, staying true to yourself, and creating a life you love. Welcome to Hmong Threads, where authenticity meets creation.


Hmong Threads

Mission | We create ...

Comfort for the Hmong community and
its allies that goes beyond the softness of our material;

Voice and togetherness among those
passionate about cultural representation, and celebration;

A bold boost of energy and inspiration
you can take to the street and pass along just by passing by;

That which honors all Hmong, and
the creativity inspired by our community.

Our clothes alone won’t bring all the beauty of the Hmong to light, but they
will help to shine it, day after day.

What else is Hmong Threads about?

Hmong Creator Network

The HCN, a subsidiary of Hmong Threads, LLC, gives back to the Hmong community. Its inceptive mission, “Project Fishing,” launched in 2021 and is based off the notion “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

With Project Fishing, we help third-world communities and villages establish businesses to sustain social and educational programs.

Worldwide - Hmong Threads - Clothing Distribution

"Wear One, Share One: Weaving a global tapestry of kindness"

Hmong Threads is dedicated to broadening our impact by not only providing clothing to our local communities but also reaching out to those in need globally. As we venture into the planning stages of an exciting program, we're thrilled to unveil an initiative that enhances the positive change with every garment purchase. For every item acquired through Hmong Threads, your purchase becomes a catalyst for kindness, putting a smile on a child's face in a third-world country. This commitment aims to seamlessly blend the joy of fashionable apparel with the satisfaction of contributing to a global cause. Stay tuned for more details on how your engagement with Hmong Threads can be a part of this impactful journey, creating positive change one garment at a time.

Who is behind Hmong Threads

Founders' Stories | Johnny Her

Johnny Her's transformative journey commences in San Diego, CA, where his formative years unfold within the confines of a sheltered enclave. What initially begins as a routine vacation metamorphosis into a poignant odyssey of self-discovery, laying bare the intricate tapestry of his identity. A pivotal moment occurs while navigating the Mekong River in Thailand, where Johnny, beholding its vastness and force, is struck by the poignant reminder of countless Hmong lives lost in the pursuit of escape from death.

This river, simultaneously a guardian and relentless claimant of Hmong lives, serves as the backdrop to a generation essentially sacrificed to its depths. Emerging as one of the fortuitous few who survived the river's tragic toll, Johnny finds renewed significance in familial bonds, envisioning his parents navigating treacherous waters with a newborn amidst families swept away.

In Laos, retracing the steps of Hmong ancestors who valiantly fought alongside the U.S. CIA in the Secret War, Johnny contemplates the sacrifices that paved the way for the opportunities that now grace his life. The role of his father as a soldier in this clandestine conflict, with its routine of bombs, gunfire, and the pervasive scent of death, unfolds as a poignant chapter. Reflections on his father's enduring PTSD and the unspoken anger of his upbringing intertwine with contemplation on the tragic fate of newborns drugged into silence.

The narrative persists with a visit to Ban Vinai Refugee Camp, a site marked by the reprehensible abuse, rape, and loss of Hmong mothers, sons, and daughters at the hands of guards. Witnessing the indomitable strength and resilience of survivors, Johnny draws inspiration from their relentless determination to endure against insurmountable odds.

Unbeknownst to him, Ban Vinai was the birthplace of Ong, his future spouse. The spirit of the Hmong, forged through trials, emanates from this turbulent history—a spirit that persisted amidst adversity, creating a new life in a foreign land with nothing but the clothes on their backs. These men and women stayed true to their identity and experiences while embracing the possibilities of their future.

The narrative takes a profound turn as Johnny explores the mountains of Sapa, Vietnam, where the Hmong sought refuge from the clutches of communism in China. Dispersed into the unknown terrain, families faced the harsh cold and treacherous paths. Many succumbed to the challenges of the mountains, creating a haunting chapter in the Hmong journey.

Through this exploration, life gains a new meaning for Johnny. Gratitude, humility, benevolence, and a commitment to fight for and protect those unable to do so for themselves become guiding principles, instilled by the resilience of those who faced incomprehensible hardships. As he returns to the United States from this profound journey into the past, Johnny carries with him an enlightened determination to honor his history by actively contributing to the creation of its future—a life of public service and dedication to family.

Who is behind Hmong Threads

Founders' Stories | Ong Xiong

Ong Xiong's inspiring journey commenced with the fragile breaths she took, fighting for life in a world that demanded resilience. Born prematurely at Ban Vinai Refugee Camp in Thailand, where medical care was scarce, Ong's survival mirrored the unyielding spirit of her family in the face of adversity. Escaping Ban Vinai after enduring years of Hmong persecution by guards, Ong found herself in Laos—her family's ancestral land, yet a realm unknown to her.

Growing up as a farm girl in Laos, Ong embraced the earth, understanding that hard work in planting seeds during Spring would yield a bountiful harvest in Autumn. Despite facing resource constraints, Ong's family grappled with tough choices, allowing her brother to pursue a college education while Ong, as a young female in Laos, confronted disparities in privilege. Refusing to succumb to complaints, Ong recognized the transformative power of education and tirelessly worked towards her goals, embodying the belief that time waits for no one.

With an unwavering commitment to her dreams, Ong embraced the challenge of balancing two jobs to finance her education. By day, she attended classes, and by night, she dedicated herself to working at local restaurants and supporting an organization serving people with disabilities. Ong's life became a beacon of relentless striving and diligent work to manifest her aspirations.

What sets Ong apart is her deep-seated love for aiding the disabled and less fortunate, a passion that has become an integral part of her inspirational journey. Her tireless efforts in contributing to an organization catering to those in need reflect not only her professional commitment but also a compassionate heart that seeks to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Enhancing Ong's unique narrative is the delicate balance she maintains between independence and family values, serving as a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to dream. Despite carving her path with resolute determination, Ong cherishes the bonds of family, embodying a harmonious blend of self-reliance and familial connection. This equilibrium not only defines her character but also influences the ethos of the Hmong Threads brand.

Possessing remarkable problem-solving skills, adaptability to diverse situations, an unmatched work ethic, a compassionate spirit, and an unwavering dedication to helping others, Ong's journey culminated in the co-founding of Hmong Threads. Her motivation stems from a life devoted to the belief that hard work paves the way to one's desires, coupled with a deep love for making a positive impact. In Ong's hands, the Hmong Threads brand becomes a testament to resilience, determination, compassionate service, and the transformative power of unwavering dedication to one's dreams.